ScanDisk64 is a utility for Commodore 64, enabling users to breathe new life into their old disk collections with disk error analysis and advanced directory control.

Music Scan Wizard is an interactive music reader for Windows, intended to assist musicians with the task of scanning physical sheet music and images to enable playback and modification such as transposing to a new key.

Grue's Dungeon is a Windows maze-escape game in 1st person 3D perspective with auto-generated levels and enemies.

Blackjack Trainer has a built-in simulator to demonstrate the efficacy of various playing strategies and betting strategies.

Polyomino Trainer is a block-fitting game with 1-to-5 piece blocks, in which the computer can suggest moves as a ghost-placed piece, thus training the human to be a better player.  The game can be played in a normal window or the blocks can float on the desktop as shown in the second screenshot.


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